Heineken Let’s You Know @WhereNext to Be Seen

Heineken’s new Twitter service is attempting to help consumers identify consumer trends using existing technology. These trends will appeal to an existing market in the location they are being used.

The use of this service, for an existing market, will also link Heineken’s product to these trendy locations in the minds of the users, effectively saying ‘Heineken is cool and so are these locations, have a Heineken there’.

I think this pairs well with their recent commercial about a date which could fit the bill of a “trendy location”, and tries to establish Heineken as a “fun” beer brand.  These two items together indicate to me that they are looking to approach a younger target market, with disposal income.

Taken from Rita Dynan’s (@RitaDynan) Twitter Feed:  http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/heinekens-new-twitter-based-service-helps-users-choose-their-next-adventure-158949


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